The Prime Minister’s Levelling Up speech: 15 July 2021

I wish I could tell you that this pandemic that we’re going through was over, I wish I could say that from Monday we could simply throw caution to the winds and behave exactly as we did before we had ever heard of COVID, but what I can say is that if we are careful if we continue to respect this disease and its continuing menace, then it is highly probable – and on this the scientists are almost all agreed – that the worst of the pandemic is now behind us. There are difficult days and weeks ahead as we deal with the current wave of the delta variant there will be, sadly, more hospitalisations and sadly there will be more deaths but with every day that goes by we build higher the wall of vaccine acquired immunity, a wall that is now higher and stronger in this country than almost anywhere else in the world, and with every day that goes by our economy is slowly and cautiously picking itself up off the floor, businesses are opening their doors.

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