New Casa Cook opening makes waves on the Aegean Sea in 2022

Welcoming its first-ever guests in May 2022, just in time for the summer ahead, is Casa Cook Samos – the latest addition to Casa Cook’s popular array of boutique hotels. Nestled in the island’s lush landscape, gazing towards the boundless beaches of the northeastern Aegean Sea, this 128-room adults-only retreat offers the brand’s trademark laid-back luxury in one of the Mediterranean’s most stunning surroundings.

“We are very proud to announce our partnership with Casa Cook and launch a brand new type of resort on the beautiful island of Samos,” comments George Chatzidimitriou, CEO of Velos Tourism SA, the owning company. “We believe the combination of the Casa Cook concept with this special destination will provide an upscale holiday experience to those seeking something truly unique,” he continues.

The soon-to-open hotel – the collection’s first new-build since Casa Cook El Gouna in 2019 – is only a stone’s throw from the historical village of Pythagorion and was designed by Athens-based design firm, Block722. The architects successfully integrated the historic concept of a Grecian village into a modern space with down-to-earth, inclusive design inspired by the traditional Greek houses, or Kamares, found in Samian villages. With a nod to these charming towns, the hotel’s numerous swimming pools are centred as the beating hearts of each small ‘neighborhood’ within the grounds, and a ‘plateia’ – the village’s main square where people meet and mingle – can be observed in the lobby and reception area. Throughout the space, there is a clear emphasis on the fluidness of indoor and outdoor, with inside areas merging seamlessly into shaded outside spaces.

“The truly unique design of Casa Cook Samos advocates guests’ privacy while at the same time, fosters friendships and interactions – showcasing the Casa Cook brand philosophy,” Alessandro Dassi, Vice President of Fosun Tourism Group, the new owning company of the Casa Cook brand, comments.

The earthy textures and colours that make up the hotel are inspired by the local land and its organic elements: the abundant greenery echoes the island’s fertile vegetation; while the endless pools of water throughout mimic the landscape’s countless waterfalls, rivers and shores. Natural, unrefined tones from leather finishes, wooden partitions and stone paths melt into more contemporary elements like smooth terrazzo floors to create a modern-luxe space that is still an ode to the land’s roots. Rooms range between 26 and 40 sqm, with the exception of The Villa which is 70 sqm, and have a variety of unique features, such as private beach terraces and swimming pools, depending on the room type.

Inspired by paréa – a Greek word roughly translated as a wholesome get-together with friends – the seaside Kitchen Club restaurant opens onto panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and is where guests can gather to spend long, drawn-out afternoons sampling the Mediterranean-inspired menu and sipping freshly made cocktails. The hotel boasts six swimming pools, a gym and yoga shala, and a wellness centre complete with spa suites, hammam massage and a nail salon.

Set just off the breathtaking Turkish coast, Samos is an island rich in both history and beauty. Beyond its bustling beaches and lively capital, there are countless off-the-beaten-track gems, including quaint churches, fresh waterfalls and lush greenery in the shaded inland mountains. The mythical birthplace of Greek goddess Hera, Samos is a place for lovers of legends, with old cobble-stone alleys, ancient ruins and archaeological sites just begging to be explored.,51010863.html

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