Multiple Utah counties oppose Biden BLM pick Stone-Manning over eco-terrorism ties

Multiple counties in Utah have come out in opposition to President Biden’s eco-terrorism-linked nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Tracy Stone-Manning.

Eight counties in the Beehive State as well as the Utah State Association of County Commissions and Councils (USACCC) passed resolutions against Stone-Manning’s nomination to lead the agency that oversees millions of acres of federal land.

The USACCC’s resolution passed unanimously, declaring that Stone-Manning “is unfit and disqualified to lead the BLM and National Director nor to hold any office of responsibility in the United States Government.”


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“A National BLM Director should never be under a cloud of suspicion over alleged ties to eco-terrorism, never be on record urging destruction of human dwellings in a wildfire, never be widely suspected of misleading a Senate Committee when exercising its oversight role,” the USACCC stated in the resolution obtained by Fox News.

The USACCC also said a BLM director should “never be be linked to drastic population control policies that hideously limit children and call a baby an environmental hazard, never be under a cloud for allegedly taking financial favors for advocating a position on an environmental matter, and never be a reputed wholesale opponent of public lands grazing when the BLM’s very creation was to manage the unreserved public domain as grazing districts and allotments, among other uses.”

“Protecting public lands management from the blight of eco-terrorism, criminal conduct and the specter of China-style population control are at risk if the Senate does not reject the nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning,” the county coalition’s resolution warned.

Additionally, the Oregon Farm Bureau came out in opposition against Stone-Manning on Wednesday.


Joining the USACCC in speaking out against Stone-Manning’s nomination are Utah’s Beaver, Cache, Carbon, Duchesne, Garfield, Iron, Piute and Wayne counties.

Stone-Manning’s nomination to lead BLM was discharged out of the Senate committee last week and will soon be up for a full Senate vote.

The White House did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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