Dead body discovered in doghouse at New Jersy home, police say

A dead body was discovered Saturday inside of a doghouse at an Andover Township home, leading to the arrest of two men who allegedly moved it there, police said.–167476192/–167476192/–167476192/–167476192/–167476192/–167476192/–167476192/–167476192/–167476192/–167476192/–167476192/–167476192/–167476192/–167476192/–167476192/

Officers were called to a home on West Lakeview Avenue at noon on July 3 after they received the report of the body and when they arrived, members of the family that lived there told them they found the body underneath a deck in the doghouse, according to a statement from the Andover Township Police.

According to police, two men, Brian Cheda-Hackembruch, 25, of Andover Township and Matthew R. Thomas, 27 of Newton, had left the home before police arrived, authorities said. Shortly thereafter, the pair called 911 and said there was a body under the deck. It was unclear if either of the two men lived at the home where the body was found.

Authorities alleged the two men removed the unidentified body from a Hopatcong home after the person died from a medical emergency, police said. They then allegedly placed the body in the trunk of a vehicle that belonged to the victim and a towing company was called to remove the car from the property, authorities said.

Police did not immediately respond to a message seeking clarification about the timing of the alleged transfer.

The car was then offloaded on the street near the West Lakeview Road home and the body was later moved from the trunk to the doghouse, authorities said. No foul play was suspected surrounding the victim’s death, but the investigation into the incident was ongoing.

Cheda-Hackembruch and Thomas were located later in the day by Delaware State Police, and arrested, police said. They were both charged with disturbing or desecrating human remains and additional charges were pending, police said. Both are in a correctional facility in Delaware, awaiting extradition to New Jersey, officials said.

They were both on probation and have criminal records.

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